Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sacred Sex & Ritual Marriage

So I have been spending a lot of time looking at mythology and ancient religions. Most of this was research for my "Bible Sex, Drugs & Rock n Roll" post that I am adding to as I find new information. What I began to notice is how big a role the ancient fertility cults played in the world at that time. Also how under the guise of "sexual freedom" the devil was destroying sexuality and intimacy. Seeing that we have been discussing sexuality I thought it would be interesting to see how the devil has blurred the lines of sexuality from the very beginning. I believe it is part of the reason that he was in the garden.

Yesterday I read an interesting description of alchemy. Alchemy was known throughout the ancient world. But it really had a large following through the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Alchemy on one hand was the study of chemistry and paved the road for our modern day chemists. That side of it I think is wonderful...I have nothing against science! :D But the dark side of alchemy was the quest for a sacred elixir. A potion that would cure all diseases and give eternal youth. So in that sense it was more along the lines of the occult. Here is the definition I read.

"The main symbol of alchemy is the uniting of the king and queen within the fire of love. The union is symbolized by the marriage of sulphur{masculine} and mercury{feminine} or the sun{spirit} and moon{soul}. Alchemy presupposes that humans are in a state of chaos and discord, having lost their connection with "Eden", the primordial state of contentedness. The image of the sacred marriage refers to the renewal of this integral nature through the coming together or the central forces within us.

The marriage of the king and queen also corresponds with a surrendering to our androgynous nature, represented by the half-male, half-female figure of the hermaphrodite. The hermaphrodite symbolizes the attainment of intuitive insight, as opposed to one sided power of rational knowledge and discourse. The term hermaphrodite is a combination of the names of two gods; Hermes...and Aphrodite. This androgynous unity represents a primordial state of humanity, before the fall into the world of opposites." O'Connell, Airey, Craze

Hermes was the Greek god who was guide to the underworld and messenger of the gods. Aphrodite was the Greek goddess of love and sex. So this is a little snapshot as to how the enemy has made it his business to be very involved in human sexuality. So I have decided to go right back to the beginning. The cradle of civilization was in Mesopotamia. Their most revered goddess was Inanna the sex and fertility goddess. So she is our starting point.

Now why do I want to dive into the world of mythology and the occult? Well I was asking God that same thing a few days ago. I if anything did not want to be glorifying the devil. But when it comes to the world of sexuality and how that has been destroyed for so many people throughout the ages...I wanted answers right from the horses mouth. I am hoping that if we can exposed the strategy of the enemy in terms of sexuality, that we will be better equipped to fight. I think the misgivings within in sexuality have been fought in principle for too long. Meaning that we aren't getting to the root of the problem. By simply saying "That's wrong because God says so." doesn't give us the ammunition we need to fight the destruction of sexuality in the spirit.

So I hope to give understanding as to where certain spiritual strongholds were built. And to hopefully give understanding to the utter brokenness people have in regards to their sexuality today. I am not just talking about certian types of sexuality, I am talking about ALL human sexuality. I hope you will read along. There is still a lot of study I need to do. I have found all the answers yet. But I hope you will join me as we investigate together, expose the enemy, and bring healing to the broken hearted.


  1. thank you cherie...i feel a spark and need to renew my worldview thanks for the insight i will follow you work! nigel


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