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Blueprint of a Goddess

So as discussed in the last post we are going to take a dive into the world of ancient mythology. This is in no way to glorify the devil or discount the Bible. This is to instead expose the schemes of the enemy and see things from "his" perspective. You will see very quickly how the devil created his own history in which he is the giver of life, sex and fertility. So for this post I will presents some of the myths of Inanna--Sumerian goddess of sex, fertility and war. She is considered the first fertility goddess. Then in the next post we will compare it with our story of Adam and Eve and how the devil assaulted sexuality.

I have never been more grateful for God as the true God and his Word. He is straightforward, simple and to the point. The polytheistic pantheons of the ancient world attest to the panic of the devil, that somehow "quantity" would make up for the "quality" that is "I AM". The myths are very complex and confusing. I have only been studying them for a few weeks, so it is hard to keep them straight. But it is obvious that the enemy used these gods and goddesses to destroy the truth and principles God had created. All the while he takes on the role that he was the one screwed over by God. Moreover that Adam and Eve had been screwed over by God as well.

Inanna was the principle goddess of Sumeria in the region of Mesopotamia better known as the cradle of civilization. Her myths date back to 4000 BC. So these were the myths that were created by the devil right around the creation story. Let's first lay out the "creation" according to the Sumerians. In Sumerian mythology Nammu is the principle creator goddess; she is the primeval sea that all life came from. Nammu was often depicted with a serpent crown is is called the 'serpent goddess of the abyss'. From her came the Sumerian heaven and earth, An and Ki. Then from the union of Ki{earth} and Enlil{breath} came all the other gods including Enki, the god of wisdom and Ninmah, the great mother.

It is Enki and Ninmah that create man from the clay. The clay is mixed over the great abyss to crate six types of humans. Each of the six types of humans have no distinct male or female characteristics except for two; a barren woman and a male eunuch. So right off the bat we can see what the devil had in mind as far as sexuality. His humans were to be androgynous or sexually dysfunctional. A woman who can not reproduce and a male with no genitalia to reproduce.  It is a eerie vision of what he had in mind for Adam and Eve.

It is not clear to me who the goddess Inanna's parents are. It seems like Enki is her father and then she takes on the role of Ninmah as the mother goddess/fertility goddess. Inanna is described as the moon goddess well as the morning and evening star{Venus}. She is often depicted carrying a staff entwined with serpents and standing on the back of a lion. She wears the rainbow as her necklace and the zodiac is her girdle and is often naked. Some of her titles include 'Queen of Heaven', 'Morning and Evening Star', 'Virgin Queen', 'Holy Shepherdess', and 'Opener of the Womb'. Sound a little familiar? One of the first myths of the goddess Inanna is from the Epic of Gilgamesh. It is called "Inanna and the Huluppu Tree." You can read the entire myth here. We will look at a few key parts.

"When the Sky God, An, had carried off the heavens
And the Air God, Enlil, had carried off the earth
When the Queen of the Great Below, Ereshkigal,
was given the underworld for her domain.
At that time, it was planted, a tree, a
single tree, by the banks of the Great River,
Enki, the Father, did plant the Huluppu-tree,
The God of Wisdom, he planted it by the banks of the Euphrates..."

"...A young woman who walked in fear of no man, and would not be owned,
Plucked the tree from the river and spoke:
"I shall bring this tree to Uruk.
I shall plant this tree in my holy garden."
Inanna cared for the tree with her hand.
She settled the earth around the tree with her foot.
She wondered: "How long will it be until I have a shining throne to sit upon?
How long will it be until I have a luscious bed to lie upon?"
The years passed; five years, then ten years.
The tree grew thick, But its bark did not split.
Then a serpent who could not be charmed
Made its nest in the roots of the Huluppu-tree.
The Anzu-bird set his young in the branches of the tree.
And the dark maid Lillith built her Home in the trunk."

So here we have the Sumerian interpretation of Eden. This tree tree however is considered the tree of life. It is never called the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Notice the reverse character of this snake. He is not one who charms but instead is one who cannot be charmed. Almost as a slander to God that the devil could not be talked into worshipping Him. Instead he himself was to be the object of worship. The Anzu bird in later mythology is described as a being with the body of an eagle and the head of a lion called the 'Bird of Heaven'. The Lilitu or Lilith is later described as a storm demon similar to the Anzu bird that is the bearer of disease, illness and death. She is also shown as a lion, owl or serpent. {Notice the pic at the top of the page}. She is mentioned in the Bible as a screech owl {Is 34:14} the Hebrew word is Liyliyth. She especially preys on women during childbirth and children when they are breastfeeding. The Lilitu is also a sexual predator of men and leads them astray.

As we investigate Inanna a little further we will see that she takes on the embodiment of both the Anzu bird and the Lilitu. In a sense the Anzu bird is her 'heavenly' connection and the Lilitu her 'underworld' connection. Inanna herself becomes the embodiment of what the devil hoped to achieve through Eve. He knew that Eve was the one that would bring forth life. That is why he tempted her. When his plans in the garden were thwarted he created his own Eve in Inanna. And you will see as we move on that the serpent becomes the phallus that brings forth fertility in Inanna. Also the 'Sacred Tree' will be planted in all her temples to remind everyone of her life-giving power.

More tomorrow! Stay posted...

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