Friday, March 12, 2010

Artemis Peter Pan?

OK, so I know this is a little random and a bit of a brain does that from time to time...LOL. If you have been reading along for the last few posts we have been discussing goddesses of the ancient world. The last goddess we just discussed was Artemis of Ephesus fame.

So my kids {ages 6 and 3} have been watching Disney's "Peter Pan" off and on for the last couple of days. One of my favorites, although I have never read the original book by J.M Barrie. Remember how in the last post I said that Artemis was a female Peter Pan of sorts? Well I got to thinking...{remember my brain is a bit strange} that they do have quite a bit in least with the Disney movie. Let me explain....

So Peter Pan is a boy who lives in Neverland and never wants to grow up and doesn't anyone telling him what to do. Mythology Pan is a satyr {half man/half goat} who is the Greek shepherd god. He spends a lot of time roaming the forests and glens chasing nymphs{nature spirits}. Because of his time spent in the forest he is good friends with the huntress goddess Artemis. In fact he was the one that gave her her hunting dogs.

Peter Pan is fond of the mermaids of Neverland. The nymphs of Greek mythology are known as the maidens of Artemis because of their normally chaste attributes. Also because Artemis spends quite a bit of time in the forest all the nymphs are quite fond of her.  She is known for protecting their maidenhood. One particular water nymph of Artemis' was named Syrinx. She caught the eye of Pan and he pursued her. Artemis helped her get to the water edge and then she was turned into reeds so Pan couldn't find her. When Pan got to the water he cut down the reeds and turned the into a reed pipe to put his lament to music. The pan pipe is called a syrinx to this day.

The "Lost Boys" are the companions of Peter Pan that join him on all his adventures in Neverland. Often dressed as little animals. They are young, innocent and free. But don't realize how much they long for a mother until they meet Wendy. "Will you be our mother?" they ask.  Artemis had her arktoi, the little girls who were in the ward of her temple. They would dress up like bears and learn the art of hunting and how to be forever innocent. Artemis was their Mother Bear and would be very unhappy if they ever tried to leave "Neverland".

Finally we have Tinkerbell. The little green fairy who is so loyal to her master Peter Pan. She does what ever he wishes but also has a bit of a temper.

Absinthe is a strong alcoholic spirit that gained popularity in the bohemian counter culture of the late 19th century. It has the most curious green color and is highly addictive due to its psychoactive properties. Such addicts were called slaves of the 'green fairy' or 'green goddess. Some famous 'slaves' were Vincent van Gogh, Oscar Wilde and none other than Aleister Crowley. Crowley called it the 'green devil'. After many "drug related" problems associated with the drink{including death} several countries ban its consumption. In fact the US just lifted the ban in 2007 that had been placed in 1912. So what is the main ingredient of Absinthe? Wormwood. Or as we learned in
the last post...Artemisia Absinthium named after the goddess Artemis.

So there you have it folks my "Artemis Peter Pan" pop culture, just for fun post. But it is a bit eerie...huh? I wonder who Captian Hook is? Hmmmm......

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