Saturday, March 20, 2010

God is NOT a Man, God is a Spirit

So we have been talking about the goddess trough history and how the enemy has used to the goddess as a power and a comfort for women. We have discussed how through the ages that hasn't been hard to do since women have been faced by a largely misogynistic world or at the very least one that has been in large part run by men. Therefore women who have been hurt in this area have shied away from any association with a patriarchal God. And really who can blame them? But what needs to be clarified is that any hurt or fear that has come in the name of a patriarchal God is Not God, because God is not in the business of fear and hurting people.

So where does a woman find her place within a patriarchal faith? I have touched a bit on what God intended when he created the two sexes and how the enemy screwed that all up. How the enemy used what happened in Eden as a catalyst for his role as goddess and gender confusion through the ages. So now that we know that it is the enemy behind the goddess how can women find what they were searching for from the goddess in God? That is what I am in the process of trying to figure out. So I will share what I have come up with so far. Starting things off with one of the ten commandments from God.

"Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness [of any thing] that [is] in heaven above, or that [is] in the earth beneath..." Exodus 20:4

Usually when we see this verse we think of demonic least I do. But notice God also says not to make an idol or likeness of anything in heavenly realms either. Why? Because God didn't want us to attach gender to any spiritual being of the heavenly realm or the demonic realm. Angels and demons do not have gender. And even though both male and female were created by God, God is not half male and half female. God is not all male or all female either. God transcends gender. However when mankind created idols{gods & goddesses} who did they look like; men and women. Why? Because the devil delights in screwing this whole thing up! He gets a kick out of taking the function of both man and God and creating dysfunction. Notice the pictures I have in this post. They are all "images" of god...including God, Zeus and Jupiter; hard to see the difference isn't it.

When we cross gods and goddesses with gender the enemy accomplishes a few things. 1} He gives mankind the impression that he can "be like God" meaning God is just a man or a woman. This slanders God and was part of the temptation in Eden. 2}The devil{no gender} gives himself the impression he can be like mankind{male or female} this slanders the image of God in us. BTW why does the devil want to be like man? Because through man the devil gains our dominion over the earth and power over our seed. Remember this was why the fertility cults were all the rage. But lets not forget the third option the devil uses. That is, having mankind believe he can "be like God" by way of transcending gender which slanders both who God created us to be and who God is Himself.

So in review...male and female can not be God and should not be worshiped as a god. The devil is a neuter spiritual being with no male or female capabilities nor the capability to create. God who transcends gender, created male and female in His likeness and image. Think of image and likeness as similitude meaning resemblance or a point of comparison. So while the anatomical make up as well as the physical functions of the male and female gender are out of the perfect and holy mind of God; God is neither male or female in form. What we are in physical form is a likeness to what God is in spiritual function. Therefore God can and does function as both male and female. Are you with me?

Now with that said I think that within the perfect trinity of God we can identify these functions. God the father and Jesus as a male function and the Holy Spirit as a female function. This is to help identify that both male and female are equally from the mind of God. What I want to show you is that through the entire Bible God was operating in both these roles. With one never being more important than the other. For there is no hierarchy within the trinity, they are one. It is in this same way God intended man and woman to function within their gender but in unity with one another, serving one another and ruling together. Part of the way I want to show you this in the next few posts is by looking at the gender used for particular words in the Hebrew and Greek. For example...

" And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness [was] upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters." Genesis 1:2

When we look at the Hebrew word for God it is 'elohiym which is a plural masculine noun meaning God. The Hebrew word for Spirit is ruach which is a feminine noun meaning breath or spirit. So while I am no etymologist or ontologist I hope to show that most anything that has to do with the Spirit in the Bible is usually a "feminine" word. And that is where I hope to give women the female they are searching for in God. Not to worship God as a goddess but to be confident that within God is their source too.

Out of time for today...but much more to come on this subject so stay posted!

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