Thursday, February 18, 2010

Song of Solomon Outline

This is by far the best outline I have found for the "Song of Solomon". It is from the Ryrie Study Bible. Although I do not agree with all of Ryrie's commentary, his outline for this book is spot on!

It is different than the breakdown in most NIV bibles, but to me it flows much better. It paints a wonderful picture of a righteous courtship, wedding and marriage that is full of passion, sex and pleasure! Just the way God created it to be!  {photos by Punam Bean}

I. Title, 1:1

II. The Courtship, 1:2-3:5

A. Shulammite to Herself, 1:2-4a
B. Daughters of Jerusalem to the King, 1:4b
C. Shulammite, 1:5-7
D. Daughters of Jerusalem, 1:8
E. Solomon to the Shulammite, 1:9-10
F. Daughters of Jerusalem to the Shulammite, 1:11
G. Shulammite, 1:12-14
H. Solomon to the Shulammite, 1:15
I. Shulammite to Solomon, 1:16-2:1
J. Solomon to the Shulammite, 2:2
K. Shulammite to Solomon, 2:3-6
L. Solomon to the Daughters of Jerusalem, 2:7
M. Shulammite to Herself, 2:8-13
N. Solomon to the Shulammite, 2:14
O. A Chorus, 2:15
P. Shulammite to Herself, 2:16-3:4
Q. Husband to the Daughters of Jerusalem, 3:5

III. The Wedding Procession and Marriage, 3:6-11

IV. Consumation of the Marriage, 4:1-5:1
A. Solomon to His Bride, 4:1-15
B. Bride to Solomon, 4:16
C. Solomon to His Bride, 5:1a
D. God to the Married Couple, 5:1b

V. The Honeymoon is Over, 5:2-6:13
A. Wife to the Daughters of Jerusalem, 5:2-8
B. Daughter's of Jerusalem Remind Wife of Husband, 5:9
C. Wife to Daughters of Jerusalem,
      Remembers Her Husband, 5:10-16
D. Daughters of Jerusalem to Wife, 6:1
E. Wife to Daughters of Jerusalem, 6:2-3
F. Husband to His Wife, 6:4-10
G. Wife to Herself, 6:11-12
H. Daughters of Jerusalem to Wife, 6:13a
I. King to Daughters of Jerusalem, 6:13b

VI. Marriage Deepens, 7:1-8:4
A. Husband to Wife, 7:1-9a
B. Wife to Husband, 7:9b-10
C. Wife to Husband {in the morning}, 7:11-8:3
D. Husband to Daughters of Jerusalem, 8:4

VII. Maturity of Love, 8:5-14
A. The Question, 8:5a
B. Solomon's Reminiscence, 8:5b
C. Wife to Husband, 8:6-7
D. The Brothers of the Shulammite, 8:8-9
E. Wife to Everyone, 8:10-12
F. Husband to Wife, 8:13
G. Wife to Husband, 8:14                                                                 

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