Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Let Me Know What You Think

Would love to hear what you think! I get my inspiration from common questions or misunderstandings that people have about faith and spirituality. I would love your comments and insight. Or maybe you want to just say hello. That is fine too! This is an open board so shoot away. Besides I am nearly impossible to offend so be honest! Post comments below by clicking "comments".


  1. A friend of mine recently saw Paranormal Activity and asked me if I thought it could happen. I haven't seen the movie (not a fan of that genre) so I don't know how to answer the question. I think the main curiosity is whether demons would take a physical form and torture/hurt a person. Have you seen the movie or do you have some thoughts on demons and demonic activity?

  2. No, I have not seen the movie. When I hear the word "paranormal" I think "supernatural". There is no doubt that the devil and demons exsist from a biblical point of view. Eph.5:12 is a good verse to look at among others. We must make the distinction between demons and ghosts. I do not believe that ghosts are spirits of those who were once alive. I think they are demons appearing to be human. Once someone dies their spirit is in the hands of God.

    I have seen someone possessed by a demon. I have heard of people having "real" encounters with demons or actually seeing them. I think the voices we sometimes hear in our heads are demonic. "your worthless" "just kill yourself" etc. So I think demons can cause a person to harm themselves. But I do not believe that the devil or a demon can kill you. Read Hebrews 2:14-15.

    What is most important is to not glorify the devil by wanting to know more about him. The more we seek him out the more we will find him. The more we seek God the better equipped we are to battle the enemy instead of glorify him. To God be the glory, honor and power. That is what the devil has been trying to steal since the beginning. Don't play into his scheme. Hope that helps.

  3. Thanks for the answer! I think that helped.

  4. Hi,
    Never met you, but I am beginning a blog too. I love yours. You are doing a great job. Keep up the good work. Kathie

  5. Hey there Cherie,
    I liked your post about the neutrality of the flesh. I've thought about the same thing before- that if we were sinful by nature, it would have been impossible for Jesus to have lived a sinless life. It also makes me think of the verse that says we are slaves to whoever we yield ourselves to obey. Anyway... I was wondering if you know the origin of the phrase"ask Jesus into your heart." I have three girls three and under, and when the time comes, I think I'd rather explain salvation as a matter of Lordship, as opposed to a prayer to ask him into their heart. What do you think?

    btw, I love your artistic flair...

  6. Thanks for the kudos. I found one verse in Eph 3:17 "so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith." Maybe that is where it comes from. I'm not sure. I agree with the Lordhip thing.

    With my kids {age 3&6} I have appoached relationship with Jesus as just that, relationship. My daughter, when she was younger had an imaginary friend named "Kira". I took the opportunity right then to introduce her to my "invisible" friend Jesus. I think it is key to get at their level. I actually think that it why kids can imagine to well. It is built into us to believe what we cannot see. Kids are expert at this!

    So it has worked for me to tell them that "Jesus is your best{invisible}friend who will always love you, who is with you where ever you go and never leave you." I think it is important to build that trust first. Then you can add to that that doing wrong things makes your friend sad etc. For me personally I think if I presented Jesus as "the man in charge and Lord" my kids would feel like "Oh great, someone else to get in trouble by." But I am hoping that with the foundation of relationship and trust my kids will naturally grow into wanting that friend to guide them and give counsel.
    Just like babies are born with no knowledge that you are its parent and in charge. They learn that you are those things by reliance on you. That you are the one that supplies their needs, you are the one that picks them up when they fall, you are the one always there no matter what etc. So that as time goes on they feel the love, begin to trust, feel secure. Then {hopefully lol} respect the rules of the household.

    So that is my approach. So far so good in my house! Hope that helps.


  7. How do you see Jesus as tolerant when he turned over the tables of the money changers? Or what about the times he called certain people snakes or sons of the Devil? If we look at the life of Jesus we see times when he was not at all tolerant.

  8. You will notice as you read through the gospels that the only people Jesus had a hard time tolerating were the "religious" establishment, the Pharisees. That is because they should have known better. All the times you mention above were in response to the Pharisees and their intolerance to people.
    So think of it the other way...the only time Jesus showed strong emotion in the gospels is when we "religious establishment" weren't being tolerant! He used the strong language that they used to snap them out of it.

  9. I was musing on the concept of the Trinity and the idea of male and female, and ran across your blog. I like what you're doing. I kept reading and reading. Canadian theologian Clark Pinnock suggests that the Holy Spirit might be referred to as "she" in his book, Flame of Love--A Theology of the Holy Spirit, but I had never seen anything else on it. Blessings, Pastor Paul

  10. Hi, could i have the references of the images provided in the witches section? I am doing an exhibition on witch craft in the medieval times and would love to reference one of these images.


  11. Hi Cherie, I really like your website. I think that it is unique and very well put together. I also like your meanings to Righteousness, Justice and Mercy. My only concern is that you should talk about Grace now because its by Grace of Jesus that we receive Righteousness before God. With much Love, and Praise to JESUS.


  12. Hi Cherie.
    I somehow came across your Christmas blog 'Shepherds, Intellectuals & the Humble of Heart'. I really like it and was wondering if you'd mind me using it in adapted form in one of my sermons or in our parish newsletter. (I would acknowledge you in either case.) I'm a pastor with the LCA (Lutheran Church of Australia).
    Kind regards in Christ,


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