Monday, October 26, 2009

The TRUTH in Twilight

So I just finished watching the movie "Twilight". Yes I know I'm am slow! LOL. At least I watched it before "New Moon" came out. So what did I think? FANTASTIC!!! I love, love, loved it. Now I have to say that I have never read the book. So anything discussed here is only in reference to the movie.

After watching the movie "Twilight" I clicked around the web to see what other christians were saying about it. Not to my surprise but to my frustration most of them are bashing it to death. Now what they are doing by bashing this movie to death is bashing the MILLIONS of teens and young people who LOVE this movie. Not very Christ like! Call me crazy but if there is a movie that MILLIONS of teens are in love with wouldn't it be smart to reach them at their level? To speak TRUTH to them via their worldview. We don't have to fear about the TRUTH of GOD. Truth is truth no matter who is saying it as long as it leads back to biblical TRUTH and JESUS. So that means a vampire named Edward Cullen can speak the truth.
Are you with me? Can you step out of your box for a minute? Try to use a movie that is already tugging at the hearts of our young people to speak the TRUTH into their lives. God is not afraid of vampires and you shouldn't be either.

Now remember I have only seen the movie...not read the books.

The fantastic overwhelming theme of this movie is the passion that grows between Bella & Edward. When Bella moves to the new school she doesn't really fit in with the "normal" crowd. The "normal" crowd being those that are immature, party, and are superficial. She is looking for something more in her human life. She begins to feel herself drawn to a boy named Edward. Edward is mature, virtuous, and deep. To Bella he surely is not of this world. So Bella falls fast for this guy who has strength & reserve, passion & self control. He is different from the human boys.

As the movie goes on...Bella finds out that Edward really isn't of this world, he is of a supernatural world. The spirit realm if you will. In this realm there are two types of "vampires" of which Edward Cullen is one. The Cullen Family have harnessed their wills and desires for human consumption. They only feed on animals. This in turn has made the Cullen's more virtuous and powerful than their other vampire counterparts. The Nomadic vampires still run wild and have no control over their blood lust for human consumption. They are angry that the Cullen's have found peace in this world of humans. The Cullen's have learned to exist in the human world even with their supernatural powers. However the Nomadic vampires are still trying to take over humanity by death and destruction.

So back our our lovers Edward and Bella. The movie continues to build around the growing passion they have for one another. All the while Edward is able to harness his desire to consume Bella though his supernatural strength. His love for her overrides his passion and desire for her. Edward's love for her causes him to be her biggest champion and protector. He will do anything not to hurt her. Toward the end of the movie comes the climax of his love for Bella. She has been bitten by one the Nomadic vampires. The only way that he can save her is to suck the venom out but at the same time not consume her in blood lust and hurt her. See I believe the "consumption" is the portal to the spirit realm. The "consumption" is a spiritual act. Even though Bella wants to be consumed by Edward, he wants her to wait. He succeeds. He finds the supernatural will not to consume that which he has such deep passion for. He waits because it was not at a time of her choosing. The Nomadic vampire had bitten Bella against her will. Edward chooses not to give into his passions for the greater good of love. The movie ends with Bella practically begging Edward to consume her. Edward does not yield. Instead he makes Bella wait until a real commitment is made. A commitment that they both need to take time to think over. All the while the passion and love has grown to gigantic proportions but neither has allowed it to consume them. Neither has has made the choice to consume one another.

I think it is a great illustration of the access to the Spirit we have. The Holy Spirit can help us to harness our wills and desires. The Spirit can help us make the most loving choices for the ones we love. The Spirit is a REAL supernatural power that we have access to through Jesus. This movie is one of the biggest teen romance movies...maybe ever. What a pleasant surprise that the boy all the girls are swooning over is a spirit filled man of virtue, strength, passion & self-control. Who cares that he is a vampire! Now... am I saying that everything in this movie is straight biblical truth? No. But I do know that this movie is what young people are feeling a connection to. So lets use that to our advantage. Let's get on their level. I think we will be much more successful teaching them the truth in a way they can identify with. Telling them they are evil for liking a vampire movie slams the door shut. I want to keep that door open and get the truth out to as many as I can.


  1. I'll leave a comment...I really enjoyed your take on the movie. How people need to step out of their boxes and meet kids where they are!! I volunteered with Young Life for 4 years and that was basically our motto! It's very effective. I'm a huge movie buff and love kids so I really enjoyed your blog! Thanks!

  2. This is why the greatest teacher said,"He who has ears to hear, let him hear"
    You have the ears to hear Cherie, the eyes to see and the heart to understand. Your expression is a flow of that supernatural Spirit, that enters the real and true realm of humans just as it did 2000 years ago.

  3. You are right on! Thank you!

  4. thank you so much for not being afraid to tell the truth AS IT SHOULD BE!! i can see you speak truth on this topic that we should relate to teens ON THEIR LEVEL NOT OURS. i maybe 20 but i can understand that concept


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