Friday, October 23, 2009

"Hello, My Name Is..." Part Deux

So lets get back to Sally aka "Candy Stripe" who we met in the last blog. Does the fact that Sally is a broken person making some wrong choices gives us the permission to use her and aid in her devalued self- identity? I mean it's her choice to be the stripper. It is her choice to break with her name and identity. Right? WRONG!!! Let's get to the root of this problem.

One of the big reasons why we have a world full of people with broken identities is because something happened to them to cause them to disassociate with who they were CREATED to be. A family member abused or neglected you, you were made fun of as a child, you were an outcast in high school, your boyfriend beat you...the list goes on and on. Or maybe it is just simply your unhappiness with yourself compared to others. You don't feel that you are anything special. All of these things chip away at our identity and value. How we value ourselves will determine how others value us. A break with our true identity and value is a symptom of a broken spirit. So we have a world of broken spirits walking around with no sense of identity and value. This is why the usury of one another in our society is sooooo rampant. And in Sally's case why she is ALLOWING herself to be used. But guess what? How we value ourselves and how others value us is not the sum TOTAL of our value and identity. There is more to us.

You were created by the guy that CREATED the entire universe! (increase your value by 100) This guy even CREATED you in His own image! (increase your value by 1000) And This guy breathed His own Spirit into you to give you life! (increase your value by 10,000) He gave you free will and dominion over the whole earth! (increase your value by 100,000) He sent His only Son to die for you so that you could be a whole person! INCREASE YOUR VALUE BY INFINITY! Do you get the picture? Whether you believe in God or not He created you different from all the other animals. He gave you His Spirit and this should be the root of your identity and value! Therefore
every human has value by default because God created them with value.

So even if you were born to crappy parents, abused by an uncle or you are an outcast at school...these things do NOT determine your value. The bible says that we were not given a spirit of fear, but a spirit of adoption. We are God's children regardless of our past. (Rom 8:15,16) Until we believe this in our own lives our identity will always have some degree of brokenness. Your identity must be first and foremost rooted in Christ.

If you have brokenness in your identity take it to God. Ask Him to show you what He thinks of you. Don't be seduced or taunted by the false identities of the world. An identity in Christ is the best you. Let God renew YOUR name and identity...because you are perfect just the way He created you to be.

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